MAGIC: Inspecting a forsaken corpse, s01e08



important question to ask today: IS THE SAPHAEL FANDOM OKAY?????


in 2009 phil predicted dan using a knight of wands tarot card while sitting alone in his bedroom and in 2017 phil predicted dan’s future using an ace of wands tarot card while sitting on the bed right beside him





Can I just… talk for a moment… about how much I love how, if you know them well, words don’t have synonyms?

English, for example, is a fantastic disaster. It has so many words for things that are basically the same, and I find there’s few joys in writing like finding the right word for a sentence. Hunting down that peculiar word with particular meaning that fits in seamlessly in a structure, so the story flows on by without any bumps or leaks.

Like how a shout is typically about volume, while a yell carries an angry edge and a holler carries a mocking one. A scream has shrillness, a roar has ferocity, and a screech has outrage. 

This is not to say that a yell cannot be happy or a holler cannot be complimentary, or that they cannot share these traits, but they are different words with different connotations. I love choosing the right one for a sentence, not only for its meanings but for how it sounds when read aloud. (Do I want sounds that slide together, peaceful and seamless, or something that jolts the reader with its contrast? Snap!)

I love how many words for human habitats there are. I love how cottage sounds quaint and cabin sounds rustic. I love steadiness of house, the elegance of residence, the stateliness of manor, and tired stubbornness of shack. I love how a dwelling is different to a den.

And I love how none of them can really touch the possessive warmness of all the connotations of home.

Words are great.

I did not expect to cry by the end of this, but I did.

Which proves the point, no?

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning.” – Mark Twain (and one of my favorites, since I happen to agree with everything the OP said!)

Oh, so well said!!! 🙂

Sometimes I swear I just sit back and glare (amiably) at the screen while trying to figure out which verb I want to use. 

Is anyone else more interested in Dan changing the way he salutes at the end of the video?